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        Information about pools and other aquatic facilities in the City of Albuquerque.

        Select City Pools Open for Lap Swim

        All City pools are open (with the exception of East San Jose and Montgomery) for Lap Swim Only for individuals 9 years of age and older (one person per lane regardless of relation):

        Lap Swimming: designed for organized swimming up and down the length of the pool repeatedly. Individual must be making constant forward progression.

        Lifeguard Recruitment Brochure

        Indoor Pools

        Outdoor Pools & Spray Pads (closed for the season)

        Swimming Lessons and Teams

        Be a Lifeguard

        Admission Fees

        Jobs & Employment

        Pool Rules


        Shanta Strong Swim Fund

        Yoga and Exercise

        Lap Swim Guidelines

          • All visits to pools will be reserved online by going to play.cabq.gov or by calling the facility.
          • Reservations can be made up to 2 calendar days in advance. Reservation time opens online at 7 am.
          • Reservations are for lap swimming only and for one person per lane (regardless of relation). If a child 9 or 10 years of age reserves a lane, the parent must also reserve a separate lane. Spectators are not allowed during this phase of reopening.
          • Lanes will be available on reservation basis through play.cabq.gov. We will have one hour as well as some 30 minute time blocks. Due to high demand of lap swim lanes, starting the week of September 21, 2020, an individual can only reserve one hour per day and a max of 4 hours/week (a week is considered Monday-Sunday).? Lap swimmers will be notified approximately 5 minutes prior to the end of their reservation period and must exit the lane two minutes prior to the end of their reservation period.
            • A waiver will be attached to the registration and the individual will be required to provide answers to screening questions.
            • Drop-ins will not be allowed – those without internet access can call the pool up to two days in advance to make a reservation.
              • All reservations will require full payment with a credit card. There will be no refunds for rental fees.
              • If calling ahead of time, individual will be required to fill out their waiver and answer the screening questions prior to entry at kiosk (disinfected after each use). They must also pay with a credit card over the phone.
              • Click here for phone information and available call in times.
            • Upon registration, individual will receive an email confirmation with social distancing guidelines and signed waiver.
          • Payment for facility/program fees will be credit card only. No cash or checks accepted.
          • Cloth face coverings are required when in the locker rooms and on the pool deck but not allowed in pool.
          • Temperature screening will be performed by front desk clerk with a non-contact thermometer. Individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F will be denied entry.
          • Front desk attendants will no longer have the ability to hold personal belongings.
          • We require all swimmers to shower prior to entering the facility. Showers post swim session are highly discouraged due to the need to begin proper disinfection of the facility. All swimmers must exit the facility 15 minutes after the end of lane reservation period.
          • Lane rentals are limited and on a first come basis. If you cannot make your reserved time please cancel your rental as soon as possible. Click nba西部排名here for directions on how to cancel a reservation online.

        Due the the shortage of lane reservation space, the City of Albuquerque will be strictly enforcing a cancellation policy for lane line use.

        All individuals who have reserved a lane and can no longer attend their reserved time must cancel
        their reservation with reasonable notice. Cancellations can be done online or over the phone. No refunds will be given for cancelled lanes. To avoid penalties, all cancellations must be completed no more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation time.


        If a 24 hour notice is not possible due to emergency, one should contact the pool where the reservation was made or send an email to [email protected].

        Penalties are as follows:

        • 1st Offense: Warning
        • 2nd Offense: results in a one week (7 Day) suspension from reserving a lane at any City swimming
        • 3rd Offense: results in a two week (14 Day) suspension from reserving a lane at any City
          swimming pool.
        • 4th Offense: results in a one month (30 Day) suspension from reserving a lane at any City
          swimming pool.

          Penalty records remain for 30 days. Meaning, if an individual were to violate the cancellation policy a second time but the first violation was more than 30 days ago, the new violation would result in a first offense penalty. Passes will not be prorated or refunded for a penalty resulting from failure to comply with the City of Albuquerque cancellation policy on lane lines.