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        Our new One Albuquerque Volunteers website is now live. Please take some time to explore all of the new features.


        Does your organization or non-profit group want to register and advertise Albuquerque-area volunteer opportunities?

        If so, visit the Register Volunteer Opportunities page.

        Volunteer opportunities are subject to approval.

        Mayor Keller delivers a stove to a family in need.



        • All organizations have a customized landing page on the City of Albuquerque's recruitment page--add photos, videos, link to your social media pages, and connect the community to your mission.
        • Recruit from the largest volunteer database in the state. Over 10,000 volunteers registered and growing.
        • Leverage the powerful volunteer management tools of the site--manage your volunteers with built-in email tools, schedule volunteers, log volunteer hours, even use the check-in kiosk to have your volunteers clock in and out like employees.
        • Be a part of the citywide impact!